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marry me in sicily wedding planner sicilia manuela restuccia


Our Wedding Planner will firstly plan your wedding in Sicily with style and creativity. With this intention she will especially organise according to your wishes, so that your special day will thus be transformed into a dream event. A highly qualified professional who in other words will then help you in the realisation of every aspect of the event, in order to take care of every detail.

The Marry Me in Sicily Wedding Planner will in fact assist anyway you with the necessary services. Such as the bureaucratic ones or those related to the purely stylistic sphere.

Nothing therefore will be left to chance. First of all from the design of the floral and scenic settings up to the choice of the most suitable location in Sicily. From the organisation of the catering to the wedding cards, from the photo service to the choice of the most suitable entertainment, up to the design of the gifts for your guests. And in addition to this, the search for the wedding dress and also the consultancy for beauty treatment. You will thus be followed by the wedding planner in every step, in order to arrive consequently to a great effect and a never banal result. All thanks to the services of Marry Me in Sicily.

marry me in sicily celebrante cerimonia matrimonio sicilia


Sicilian beaches, woods, theatres, ancient mansions, small villages, wonderful locations are waiting for you. So why set limits on your wishes in choosing the place of your wedding ceremony? The wedding celebrant will think first of all to organise every aspect of the ceremony, as well as celebrating it, finally accompanying you by the hand until the fateful yes. She will also organise around you a ceremony which in every single moment recounts and reflects your entire love story. The wedding celebrant of Marry Me in Sicily will therefore look for and select the best locations for you. She will satisfy your desires, considering moreover the style you have chosen for the wedding in every single aspect.

marry me in sicily wedding day coordinator manuela restuccia


Have you already organised everything by yourself, but do not know in particular how to coordinate the day of your wedding? For this reason, would you like to have a wedding planner at your side who virtually acts as your coordinator? Do not worry, the Marry Me in Sicily Wedding Day Coordinator will eventually be your salvation! A wedding planner all for you and who, in any case, in the weeks preceding the wedding will be responsible for coordinating the suppliers. A helping hand therefore who will relieve you of all your anxieties, overseeing in fact the day of the event as only a professional can do. You will therefore be able to enjoy your special day in peace without having to consequently think about any task and without having any responsibility. Practically, the only thing you'll have to do is just to say yes at the right time, under the blue Sicilian sky.

Wedding Planner Sicilia Manuela Barbara Restuccia wedding consultant


Do you feel like an aspiring wedding planner? In other words do you wish to do everything yourself, but do not know how? Do not risk at the beginning running into unpleasant unexpected events which, however, in organising a wedding, could consequently be practically around every corner. Rely then on a consultant who will show you the most correct way to move especially during the initial phase, which in fact is always the determining factor. Therefore, the wedding consultant of Marry Me in Sicily will be for you an essential figure. In fact, she will give you the necessary professional support in order to start the journey on the right foot. In this way you will be advised at 360° on every aspect and service related to the preparation, so that you will be able to walk alone. In conclusion, you can go ahead with this intention thanks to the help and experience of the wedding consultant, a professional figure who has worked for years in this field. All wedding couples on the other hand desire a dream wedding. Consequently, with this intention in mind, Marry Me in Sicily will therefore help you organise your day in a perfect way. You will hus amaze your friends with an impeccable organisation, worthy in fact of a marriage in which every single aspect will then be considered in order to write a fairy-tale which will in the end remain among the most beautiful memories of your life.

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Profumo di Nozze

marry me in sicily profumo di nozze profumi siciliani matrimonio

To add a stylish touch of originality to your wedding.

The figure of the Wedding & Event Designer is joined by that of the Fragrance Consultant Francesca Giuffrida. From this union is born PROFUMO DI NOZZE, a project for Wedding Fragrance Decorations.

To illustrate PROFUMO DI NOZZE it is necessary to talk about real sensory paths. The magical atmospheres of the wedding therefore combine with the olfactory staging, consequently giving a unique emotional value to each event.

The Wedding Designer will follow you with care and friendliness, in order to find the best solution for all your needs. She will then follow your wishes with style and elegance in order to assist you step by step in the realisation of your dream wedding.

The Profumo di Nozze “bouquet”

The Fragrance Consultant will then seal the bouquet giving it a refined, absolutely original and personalised touch. She will in fact guide you in choosing the fragrances, in order to offer you and your guests unique and unforgettable sensory and olfactory experiences.

The olfactory preparation of the PROFUMO DI NOZZE, which we like to call “Bouquet”, also draws inspiration from the Sicilian spirit. For the choice of the staging, we will consider the type of event, the desired style, as well as the location.

The fragrances of Sicily are thus reinterpreted, in order to personalise the wedding set in an absolutely exclusive and original way.