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If you are looking for something unforgettable, with Marry Me in Sicily every experience will be practically transformed into a dream for you and your guests. You can in fact plan your dream wedding in Sicily, choosing one of our personalised ceremonies

matrimoni riva marry me in sicily al mare sicilia

The warm sea of Sicily and the careful organisation of Marry Me in Sicily are waiting for you. Remote islands lost in the Mediterranean with wonderful golden beaches, crystal clear waters, luxurious and exclusive resorts. In other words, breath-taking locations at your disposal if you choose to plan a personalised “blue and sunny” wedding. Everything will be perfect, in order to make your wedding an unforgettable event, destined to remain, as such, among the most cherished memories of your guests. Guests who will thus feel at home, thanks to the organisation of Marry Me in Sicily.

marry me in sicily vigneto location matrimoni sicilia

Then discover with Marry Me in Sicily the typical Sicilian atmosphere in a vineyard or in a cellar. Places, to say the least, picturesque where you can in fact breathe and taste the real Sicily.

These will be the best locations for a unique wedding, a personalised di-vine weddingLet yourself be amazed by the luxury of simplicity and be guided by the Marry Me in Sicily wedding planners.

marry me in sicily villa matrimonio sicilia

A romantic dream will become true in a typical Sicilian villa. Breathing the scent of history, you will in fact be able to walk among lush lemon gardens and ancient fountains. Hand in hand with your beloved one, towards the beginning of a new life: marriage.

Therefore share such moments with the people who love you most in one of the most beautiful and sought-after places in the world: Sicily. So, finally choose Marry Me in Sicily to experience a lovely wedding in a villa.

marry me in sicily matrimonio eco chic sicilia

The incredible natural beauties of Sicily will frame the most important day in your life, to be spent in country house or a farm. Places where the most genuine flavours are practically enveloped in local traditions.

And if you finally wish for a 100% eco wedding, with Marry Me in Sicily this will be possible. A chef will in fact be at your disposal in order to choose with you a totally vegetarian menu with traditional Sicilian dishes.

marry me in sicily matrimoni alla siciliana

If you are looking for a total immersion in our lifestyle, we can then plan an itinerary through every wonderful experience that this island can offer. In fact, you will live your special day as one of the most traditional Sicilian marriages.

Would you like to marry in the small square in a fishing village or maybe you would prefer to have the real set of IL PADRINO as a location? You will only have to choose and Marry Me in Sicily will organise accordingly your wedding, following your wishes.

Moreover, your wedding, if you so wish, could in fact become a true holiday. So you could live like real Sicilians, learning traditional recipes from the best local chefs or making cheese in a real farm. You will be practically part of a real tour, organised by the staff of Marry Me in Sicily. In other words, an amazing experience among the most characteristic places of your personalised Sicilian wedding.

marry me in sicily wedding planner chiesa matrimonio commissario montalbano sicilia

Following the steps of the famous Commissario Montalbano, Marry Me in Sicily will offer you a virtually unique experience. The locations in Sicily which, thanks to his adventures, are so familiar to you, will in fact become the set of your wedding.

Ragusa, Scicli, Noto: towns, which, with their extraordinary Baroque architecture, will then welcome you, doing what the Sicilians know well how to do, that is to make you feel at home. And maybe, with this intention, you could also learn how to cook Montalbano’s favourite dish, the famous pasta “incasciata”. All thanks to the skilled hands of our Sicilian grandmothers who will in fact give you some valuable home cooking lessons.

A real personalised wedding in the places of Commissario Montalbano thanks to the organisation of Marry Me in Sicily