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The wedding proposal you have always dreamed of in Sicily

All organised in the smallest detail in order to leave the love of your life breathless for the surprise, with your unforgettable marriage proposal.

In fact, breath-taking scenarios will be the background to your marriage proposal, in practice the most romantic moment you have ever experienced. Consequently let your imagination fly: ancient seaside villages, vineyards, cellars, terraces overlooking the sea, as well as wonderful places famous all over the world such as Taormina. And if you wish, you can also declare yourself on a yacht or at 3000 m altitude. It will be in fact the Etna, wonder of Sicily as well as one of the most important volcanoes in the world, which will bless you silently from above.

The proposal Marry Me in Sicily

Therefore contact the Marry Me in Sicily wedding planners to make your wedding proposal in Sicily an unforgettable event. A team of professionals who will in fact take care of the planning, organisation and staging of the proposal. Marry Me in Sicily will then accompany you step by step towards the day of the fateful surprise. Moreover, no detail will consequently be left to chance for the period that includes the planning, organisation and realisation of the event.

A team at your service, ready to turn every wish into reality, expertly managed through the direction of our Wedding Planner. All documented by an internationally renowned photographic staff, which will produce for you a wonderful album of memories of your extraordinary stay in Italy.

All the care and the Italian spirit at your disposal, in order to make your wedding proposal a unique moment.