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Sicily, the place where the fire of the Etna and the clearest water you could ever imagine meet. Or perhaps it is best to say that they actually merge, in order to give life to a sparkling island in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. Sicily with its natural beauties will offer you an infinite range of wonderful wedding locations, to be chosen together with Marry Me in Sicily.

In such an extraordinary context it will consequently be the task of the wedding planner to select unique locations which, in any case, will be the setting for your wedding. Sicilian locations to say the least spectacular, which will then emphasise, with their incredible beauty, the importance of the moment.

Historical houses, Villas, Country houses, Castles, Holiday farms, Bagli, Luxury hotels. For your wedding with Marry me in Sicily, you will be practically spoiled for choice.

Why then choose Sicilian locations for your wedding? Why rely on a wedding planner, but above all, why say “Marry Me in Sicily”?

The reasons are actually many and Sicilians know them particularly well, but now you will know them too.

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It is common knowledge that Sicily is a land of exchanges and fusion. Greeks, Romans, Arabs, during the  centuries of domination have in fact left their mark everywhere in Sicilian locations. In art, architecture and Sicilian culture in general, giving thus rise to an incredible mix that can be found only on this island. The sites of historical and artistic interest are consequently many. Impossible to choose, so we will mention only a few. The Cathedral of Monreale near Palermo, the historic centre of Noto near Siracusa and the Via Crociferi in Catania with its extraordinary Baroque churches.

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 In Sicily summer begins earlier and ends later, and consequently temperatures are practically mild for almost the whole year. In other words, this constantly mild climate allows to enjoy the Sicilian locations during any time of the year. In fact, summer is not the only season when you can choose one of the many wonderful Sicilian locations for your wedding.

The wedding planner of Marry Me in Sicily will therefore help you choose which would best suit your wedding requirements.


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Famous all over the world, Sicilian cuisine will amaze you particularly thanks to its colours, aromas and its sweet and sour flavours. In fact, it bases part of its undeniable success on the contrast between delicate flavours and more definite ones. Consequently, only by savouring the delicious dishes that you can taste while visiting the Sicilian locations, you will understand what it is that makes them truly different. The secret ingredient, in other words, is the excellent quality of the raw materials that are used in Sicilian cooking. The fresh fish caught in its clear waters, as well as vegetables ripened under its sun.

Everything is also carefully measured out in order to achieve an unforgettable result for your palate, which will leave your wedding guests speechless. And, last but not least, another even more important ingredient, love, which in Sicily every cook puts in his dishes. Sicilian pastry also deserves a separate chapter, an art which has created delicious sweets almost everywhere in the world. Therefore the cassata, considered in Sicily the queen of cakes, cannoli, almond paste, as well as pistachio-based desserts. The list could practically continue endlessly, but we prefer to leave the surprise of the first taste while under the bright Sicilian sun.

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The Sicilian vineyards cover overall 110,000 hectares of land. It is also thought that winegrowing was practically introduced in the island by the Phoenicians as far back as the VII century BC. In fact, Sicily produces more than 6 million hectolitres of wine each year and is finally exported all over the world. Among the best known names there are no doubt the Marsala and the Passito di Pantelleria.

Some varieties are also produced with grapes that grow only in Sicily and are therefore not found anywhere else in the world. This is the case of the famous Nero d’Avola, originating in the south-eastern part of the island.

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Sicily has more than 1,000 km of coastline. It presents, moreover, a great variety of landscapes, ranging from white sandy beaches to steep rocky cliffs. Among the many locations in Sicily we can for example mention the beach of Mondello near Palermo. Also worthy of mention is the spectacular moonscape of the white Scala dei Turchi just a few kilometres from Agrigento, as well as the unforgettable Isola Bella, in the worldwide famous Taormina.

Part of this veritable heaven are also the beautiful small islands scattered around Sicily, such as the island of Favignana. How not to mention the beautiful Aeolian islands, the wild Pantelleria or the amazing Lampedusa. The latter, with the incredible colour of its waters, is in no way inferior to the most beautiful Polynesian islands.

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The whole of Sicily is practically an open-air archaeological site. The island is dotted with world-important historical areas, such as the majestic Valley of the Temples in Agrigento, the Greek Theatre in Taormina and the ruins of Segesta, to name just a few.

Only in Sicily you can also have the opportunity to find a perfectly preserved Graeco-Roman theatre set between the buildings of a crowded city. This happens in Catania, one of the most important cities of eastern Sicily.

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The people of Sicily are well aware of the importance of passing on intact the ancient traditions of this island from generation to generation. In fact, the historical religious festivals which throughout the year fill the calendar are no exception. Important events of the Sicilian tradition that consequently become moments in which the population celebrates its local traditions.

Among the most important festivals there is the one in honour of Santa Rosalia in Palermo, which takes place in July, as well as that of Sant’Agata in Catania. The third most important religious festival in the world celebrated every year during the first week of February, attracts more than one million visitors to Sicily.

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